Sunday, September 30, 2012

60 Years In The Making.

This weekend was my Godmother's 60th Birthday.  As soon as my cousin told me about a surprise party being planned, I knew I had to create a cake for the occasion!

It's not everyday we get to make a really elegant cake, so we were excited!  Emma and I began working on an assortment of flowers - peonies, roses, and more!  We covered the cake in fondant and applied some details, deciding to keep it pretty simple and let the flowers be the focal point!

The Cakes:
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Jam & Vanilla Buttercream

Saturday, September 1, 2012

...and Hello Kitty makes three

vanilla cake with nutella buttercream
This is our third cake of the week, and the last before we head off to San Francisco tomorrow!

This cake is for Sydney Mae's first birthday. I've known Marietta, Sydney's mom, for quite a while now. The very first cake I ever made professionally was for Marietta. Marietta was also our realtor for when we bought and then sold our first place here in Jersey City.

So I was super excited to be able to make her daughter's birthday cake. Anthony and I went super girly with the Hello Kitty theme. We used pink! We used flowers! We hit that cake with Shimmer Spray! A super cute cake for a super cute birthday girl.

Happy birthday Sydney!!!

So our crazy week is finished. All I want to do next week is wander around San Fran and eat ice cream from Bi-Rite every day. When we get back, I'll post some pics of of us wreaking havoc in the Bay Area...