Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's in the bag.

Anthony and I made this mini Coach bag to go on top of a cake designed by Roger and Andrea Rodriguez, the dynamic duo behind Playroom Desserts. Roger is currently the Sous Chef at Del Posto in NYC but we first crossed paths at Gramercy Tavern during my pastry cook days. Roger is a wizard with chocolate and one of the most talented chefs I know, so I jumped at the chance to collaborate with him on this cake.

The bag is made out of Krispies so that it would be light enough to sit on top of the cake. You can see a picture of the finished product here. Quite sophisticated in chocolate brown and white.

We thought about painting the iconic letter "C's" on the bag, but we ending up cutting them out with X-acto knives instead---all 75 of them. Thank goodness it wasn't a Louis Vuitton bag. That pattern is a BEAST. If we have the opportunity to do another designer bag, I definitely want to try painting the logos on it, just to see what that would look like instead.

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  1. Oh so happy to see the finished product! Now this one's my favorite?! Every new design you make is better than the previous. Beautiful work as always by two talented chefs!