Saturday, August 11, 2012

Game on!

This vanilla cake with Nutella buttercream was for Matt's 30th birthday. What fun, right? I'm a child of the '80's too, though  I totally missed the video game phenomenon. I was too distracted with My Little Pony (Applejack!!!).

It was a fairly simple cake to construct. Anthony and I had quite a bit of gray fondant (extra from the fabulous Sea Lion cake) which was the perfect color for this Nintendo set.

The best part was making the controller---I love working on all the little detailed bits that make a cake come to life. I kept wanting to pick up the controller and start pressing all the buttons.


  1. Layers NYC, thank you so much for an amazing Original Nintendo Console cake!!!

    One day at work, I was looking at Layers NYC page on Facebook and said, I need to talk to my friend Tom about his friend Anthony's cake business. When I told Tom this is the type of cake I wanted to make for my husband Matt's 30th birthday, Tom called Anthony and Anthony told Tom to tell me to give him a call. I was so excited when I talked to Anthony and he was thrilled to talk to his partner Emma to come up with the cake idea.

    The cake was vanilla cake with nutella buttercream and it was so amazing! When it comes to fondant, i'm sometimes not a huge fan as it can be grainy tasting and kind of tough, but to my surprise, the fondant was pretty smooth and tasty. Everyone who enjoyed the cake with us were extremely surprised at how tasty the cake was.

    Layers NYC, you will definitely get my business again! Thank you for my husbands amazing birthday cake. Matt was surprised when he saw it and very grateful at the hard work and thought around his 30th birthday cake!

    Thanks again and I recommend Layers NYC to everyone!!!

  2. The cake was amazing! As soon as I saw it, it made me remember the fun times I had as a kid in the 80's playing my nintendo games. I was a huge gamer growing up and it was a big part of my life. The detail on the controller was great and looked really authentic. I could tell a lot of effort and care went into making this cake look great.

    The cake tasted great too! I usually don't like fondant much, but fondant used on this cake tastes great! I'm saving the controller for now so I can eat it later! The quality of the vanilla and nutella layers tasted really good too. It wasn't too heavy either.

    Thanks a lot guys for this great cake! It means a lot!