Saturday, November 17, 2012


In April, I was contacted by a friend, Stacy, from my high school days.  She wanted to surprise her fiance with a groom's cake.  The theme: A 1977 Special Edition Pontiac Trans Am - you know, the car from Smokey and The Bandit.  Stacy's other request - a lemon buttercream.  That presented a bit of a challenge.  We didn't to just flavor the buttercream with lemon extract, so we did some experimenting.  We whipped out our lemon curd recipe and whipped up a batch which we used to flavor the buttercream.  Our lemon curd is SO GOOD!  We use cage-free organic eggs - which gives the curd its gorgeous color - and European butter to make our curd. After hitting the buttercream with some zest, we were ready to go! Our vanilla cake was the perfect accompaniment.  Now, back to the car...

Emma fashioned the body of the car out of crispy treats while I worked on the cake - a 10" round platform for the automobile.  When the body was covered in fondant, we created all the small details and then hand painted the parts to make them pop.  Bandit was placed on his golden pedestal and he was ready to go!

Meet Bandit.

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